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Flying Like a Pro

Air travel is always fun and exciting, but it can also be a chore.

Even the top frequent flyers know that long flights require a lot of planning and preparation. When traveling, it is important to plan what to wear, eat, and bring on the plane.

Fortunately, we have provided you with some tips on how to be more comfortable and prepared for your next trip! 

Let's get started!

Tips for Flying Like a Pro

Flying Like a Pro Tips | Travel Logic

#1 Choose your foods wisely

No one wants to sit beside the person that belches or passes gas the entire plane ride. Try choosing foods that are less greasy and do not cause acid reflux/gas/bloating.

#2 Stay hydrated

It is common to feel rushed when traveling. So it is no surprise that many people forget to stay hydrated. Be sure to grab a bottle of water or fruit juice to quench you thirst.

#3 Drink decaffeinated beverages

Almost every airport has a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. Although, grabbing a cup of Joe may be apart of your normal routine when traveling, try switching to decaffeinated beverages such as green tea. Caffeine can cause dehydration and may worsen the effects of jet lag.

#4 Limit your alcohol intake

Elevated amounts of alcohol increase dehydration, fatigue, and may also intensify the jet lag you‘ll experience once you land.

#5 Bring earbuds

Earbuds are ideal for canceling out noise. Whether you are trying to cancel out the noise of a fussy baby on the plane or a chatty neighbor, earbuds will certainly do the work.

#6 Dress comfortably

There is nothing worse than wearing a pair of slacks or casual pants that are so tight that if you sneeze the button will pop off (true story). Men, consider wearing comfortable slacks/khakis or related and a dress shirt/polo. Women may want to wear tunics with leggings or tights.

#7 Bring a neck pillow

Bringing a neck pillow is critical for long plane rides. Stiff and sore necks are no fun when waking up from a light snooze in the air.

#8 You have to move it, move it!

Avoid pain and prevent blood clots by getting up every once in a while. Also try rotating your neck, shoulders, wrist and ankles to prevent stiffness. In addition, 10-20 seconds of stretching various body parts will give you some more energy.

#9 Bring a power pack

Nothing is worse than being on 4-hour flight and your phone or tablet DIES. By ensuring that your phone and power bank are fully charged before you board the plane, you just saved yourself a side of frustration and stress.

#10 Sit by the plane’s wing

It has been said by experts that seats in this area experience less turbulence because they are closer to the plane’s center of gravity.

#11 Layer up

Consider bringing a light sweater jacket or wearing pants that cover your legs in the event the plane gets pretty nippy.

There you have it; some tips from yours truly.

If you enjoyed this content, feel free to let us know or if you have any questions for topics not shown, we would love to hear your feedback.

Travel like a pro!


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